Combating Morning Sickness Effectively

If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy and you have been suffering quite a bit from nausea and/or vomiting, you will most likely want to take steps in alleviating these symptoms quickly. Up to 90% of women suffer from morning sickness while pregnant due to increased hormone activity. As your body adjusts to your pregnancy, you may feel some relief. In the interim, here are some ways you can try to feel a bit better.

Rest As Much As Possible

During the beginning months of pregnancy, your body is making a huge adjustment to accommodate the new life inside. Taking the time to rest as much as you can will help you feel better. Many women find they have an increased need for sleep during this time. Take care of your body by listening to the signals it gives to you. If you feel tired, lie down if possible. Even getting off of your feet can be beneficial in helping you feel less nauseous.

Avoid Stressful Situations

When someone is stressed, they are more likely to feel nauseous as a result. Keeping away from people who aggravate you can be very helpful during this time. Do not take on more projects than you can handle, as they can contribute to the your stress level. Avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed can keep nausea at bay. Learn to say no to any extra work or volunteering until your morning sickness subsides.

Eat Comforting Foods

Many women find that foods they had enjoyed regularly are no longer satisfying when they suffer from morning sickness. You may need to try some strange combinations during these months to get the nourishment you need. If something sounds good to you, eat it while you have the craving. Nibble on smaller portions throughout the day rather than having larger meals. Keeping something in your stomach at all times can help you feel better overall.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

It is extremely important to keep liquids down. If you find you are throwing up all liquids, call your OB/GYN or head to the hospital as you may become dehydrated very easily. Some women suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum which would necessitate having an IV placed to get the hydration you need. If water makes you throw up, try sipping a cold glass of lemonade or healthy fruit juice. Suck on an ice cube if larger sips make you feel ill. Some women find that warm liquids go down more easily. Try some tea or a liquid broth to get some hydration.

To learn more about morning sickness, speak with an OB/GYN like those at Spring Mountain Women's Health.